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Every HOA Is Different

Every HOA has different needs and because of this, we customize our pricing based on the needs of your HOA. Contact Us and let us customize a report with your budget in mind.

HOA Services We Provide

HOA Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance Inspections Asheville NC

Every homeowners association has items that they must maintain, commonly referred to as the common element. The proper maintenance of the common element directly impacts not only the enjoyment of the property owners, but also directly affects the value of the real estate that comprises the common element of the HOA or POA. Mountains To Sea Inspections can give your HOA a snap shot of the current condition of your common element. Our digital report is invaluable in helping your Board of Directors determine immediate need vs. future need for maintenance. While our priamry office is in Asheville NC, we cover a large area with our HOA services and look forward to hearing from you regardless of your location.

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Capital Reserve Studies Asheville NC

What is the single most toxic collection of words for a homeowners association? SPECIAL ASSESSMENT! What exactly is a special assessment and why is it a bad word? Special Assessment – a fee levied on all the property owners in an association to help cover unbudgeted or under funded expenses for maintenance of the common element. This fee is in addition to your existing HOA fees!
It is estimated that approximately 70% of all HOA’s are currently underfunded or severely underfunded. A Capital Reserve Study is a professional assessment of a community’s common element that is designed to help a homeowners association determine its capital requirements to maintain the common element and the establishment of a budget to make sure sufficient funds will exist well into the future to cover maintenance needs. While our primary office is located in Asheville, NC we can service properties that are 100’s miles away depending on community size and needs.

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Budgeting For New Developments

New Development Budgeting Asheville NC

With the explosion of development projects in and around North Carolina lately, it is imperative that an accurate and long looking budget be established for new developments to help avoid special assessments and budget shortfalls when the community is transitioned from the developer to the new established homeowners association. Most new developments have a budget that has been set by the developer. However, experience has proven that these budgets are generally less than adequate to cover long term maintenance requirements of the newly established association and that the required funding from the developer on sold and unsold properties is not in accordance with establishing covenants and by-laws. Keep in mind that most developers maintain control of the association until approximately 55%-75% of the total units have been sold. During the time frame leading up to this transition from the developer to the newly established Board of Directors there may be little over sight provided on the funding of a capital reserve account by the developer and if left unchecked, this under-funded account is passed unchecked to the HOA and can place the new association under financial burden from the word GO!

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Your HOA should be funded properly and providing a proposal for your HOA is free of charge.

Our Qualifications

The most primary function of any hoa maintenance inspection or hoa capital reserve study is the adequate inspection of each element that the report contains. If anyone fails in analyzing the accurate current condition the end report will not be accurate.

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  • Field Experience

    With a combined 60+ years of construction experience both commercial and residential we have the field experience to determine the effective age of a large variety of materials and applications.

  • Licensed Inspectors

    All of our inspectors are licensed NC Home Inspectors and three of our inspectors are active NC General Contractors. At MTS Inspections, we performed over 500 inspections last year

  • The Best Digital Reports

    We utilize Home Gauge Reporting software for all of our HOA maintenance reports.
    Reserve Analyst allows us to provide the most comprehensive Capital Reserve Reports.

Our Coverage Area

Mountains To Sea Inspections has a primary office in Asheville, NC and a second office in Boone, NC. This allows us to provide our HOA services to a large area. For the right job, no distance is to far.


Our experienced team of inspectors and contractors brings a level of hands on field experience to each of our projects that you simply can not learn in a classroom setting.

Scalable Approach

Not every HOA may need a full blown capital reserve report, but may need to get a grasp on current maintenance requirements. No problem! With our HOA Maintenance Inspection your association can get the information it needs without the costly billing.


Imagine how refreshing it will be to work with a company that provides a clear and concise estimate for the costs of your project and time line for completion. Now imagine working with a company that hits all targets without hand holding or constant reminders..

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Your HOA should be funded properly and providing a proposal for your HOA is free of charge.